Student Chromebook Survey - Portsmouth Public Schools
Portsmouth Public Schools is seeking feedback on the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative for High Schools. Please take a moment to give us your feedback on the experience.
In which high school did you receive your Chromebook? *
What is your current grade level? *
Did you participate in the 1:1 Chromebook Program at your high school?
Did you encounter any problems during the distribution process?
If you encountered problems during distribution please describe below.
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Did you use the Student Help Desk? If so, what did you need assistance with?
If you used the Student Help Desk was your problem resolved quickly?
Do you have access to wireless at home? If so, did you use your device at home?
On average, how many hours per day did you use your device?
Were you permitted to use your device during class even if the teacher did not have a "technology activity"
How many of your teachers encouraged or required students to use their devices in class?
Do you feel the devices enhanced your learning and education?
Did you feel the Internet was over-filtered? (Meaning were there too many limitations when using the Internet?)
If permitted, would you want to keep your device over the summer? (only applies to 9th-11th graders)
Did you lose or misplace your power cord/charger this school year
If you did lose or misplace your power cord/charger, did you get a replacement from the student help desk?
How often did you get a replacement power cord/charger from the student help desk?
If you transferred between schools this year, did you turn in your Chromebook at the first school you attended?
If you transferred schools this year, were you aware that you should have turned the Chromebook in before transferring?
Did you participate in the Chrombook audit? If so, did you have the device which was originally assigned to you or someone else?
To help with identification, would you like to have a name label to put on your Chromebook?
What suggestions do you have to make the program more successfull?
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