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In order to be listed in the Quality Factor, a journal should meet the following criteria:-
Journal Information for Review Process
1) Journal Title
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2) Journal URL
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3) ISSN or eISSN
Enter the ISSN or eISSN with the hyphen "-" eg. 1234-5678
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4) Editor Name
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5) Publisher Name
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6) Institution (if applicable)
The name of the Institution that the journal belongs to
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7) Name of contact person for the journal
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8) Contact person's email address
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9) In which country is the journal based?
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10) Journal displays full paper in Online?
Mention the amount with their country currency
11) Does journal have Foreign Editorial Board Members?
A journal must publish at least 5 articles per year.
12) Journal Included in Scopus?
13) Journal Included in Other Indexing?
14) Journal Included in ISI Web of Science?
For Example: Monthly.......
15) Does Journal Included in Thomson Reuters - SCI/SCIE?
16) Journal Included in Directory of Open Access Journals-DOAJ?
17) Journal Published any Special Issue?
18) Does Journal have publication cost?
19) Please select the review process for papers
20) Does Journal Licensed with a CC-BY, CC-BY-NC, or CC-BY-ND?
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21) Does journal is certified to ISO standards?
22) Does journal article have Digital Object Identifier-DOI number?
23) Mention WATSUP Phone Number along with country code?
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