What We Do in the Winter - August 2020
The aim of this survey is to allow us to better understand how our listeners engage with What We Do In The Winter [WWDitW].

Thank you for taking the time to fill it in, please only fill in as much info as you want to.


Alasdair & Georgia
How many episodes of the podcast have you listened to?
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Do any episodes of the podcast stand out for you in particular? Do you have a favourite episode or episodes?
Where do you get your episodes from?
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What age are you?
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Which gender do you identify with?
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Where do you live?
How did you hear about What We Do In The Winter?
Have you ever been to one of our live events? Either the Dervaig live event or the WWDitW @ Home event online.
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Is there any place in particular that you listen to the podcast, such as in the bath, or bed?
Do you have any tales about listening to the podcast that you'd like to share with us?
Which other podcasts do you listen to? I'm always keen to find other podcasts to listen to and recommend to our listeners.
If we made some WWDitW merchandise would you consider buying any? Gifts for family at Christmas time and the like is what we're thinking. Please tick the items you would consider buying. Don't worry if not, obviously!
Is there anything else you want to say about What We Do In The Winter?
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