You can always email me at alyssa [at] dodiy [dot] org for whatever ya need, but I’m hoping this new form will save me some labor and explanations where submissions are concerned. Thanks for bearing with me, I’m open to feedback about the form if you feel compelled to share.
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PLEASE READ: A DIY EVENT SPACE/ORGANIZER is a space and/or individual with a DIY ethos that organizes events (or would like to). AN UPDATE TO MY EXISTING LISTING is only for amending current space info. A SPACE/ORGANIZATION I THINK YOU SHOULD LIST is for a space/organizations you're not involved with, but think it should be added to the site. A DIY-RELATED RESOURCE is something DIY and useful to touring musicians. Examples include: tape duplication, recording/mixing/mastering, merch, podcast/youtube channel/magazine/zine that features bands, etc. ZINE FESTS & FAIRS are events open to the public to share zines. RECOMMENDED READING can be zine PDFs, a link to physical zines or books for purchase, a google doc, article, etc. so long as it relates to DIY music/ethos. SOMETHING ELSE? You tell me!
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