Haddam Happenings Annual Survey 2018
Share your opinion on current events and plans in Haddam. We'll share your answers with the appropriate board or commission and publish responses in an upcoming Haddam Bulletin.
As Tylerville makes headlines with the historic house demolition and the planning and zoning commission decides what actions to take, consider the following:
Should Bridge Rd. street frontage be preserved for attractive tourist-oriented restaurants and stores?
Would you support a historic/village district that would ensure historic buildings are preserved?
Should the planning and zoning commission simply support any business development within current regulations?
With the student population dwindling, the Regional School District 17 (RSD17) is considering closing a school. Consider the following questions.
Should the district close an elementary school?
If yes, Burr Elementary or Haddam Elementary?
Should RSD17 and RSD4 (Chester, Deep River, Essex) merge into a super school district to better utilize facilities, educational resources, and share administrative expenses?
Are signs clear, telling residents what can be recycled and where? (i.e.: mattresses, metal, textiles, etc.)
Would you support an additional or larger swap shack?
Other thoughts/ideas about the Transfer Station?
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This is the area near town hall, the library, and senior center.
Should we designate Haddam Center as a historic district to protect the historic buildings?
The town recently acquired Chatham Lake and many acres of open space due to bankruptcy and back taxes.
Do you think the town should repair the Chatham Lake dam and turn the lake over to the private homeowners' association on Silver Springs Rd.?
Should the town build a parking and/or picnic area at Chatham Lake so town residents can better utilize the lake for recreational activities?
Should Haddam partner with other towns to share certain services to reduce costs:
Any other specific town budget thoughts/ideas?
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The library offers many programs. What programs would you like to see added or expanded (i.e.: winter indoor farmers market, summer movies/plays in an outdoor amphitheater, etc.)?
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Haddam has limited recreational facilities aside from ball fields. What sorts of other facilities/activities would you like to see developed in town (i.e.: swimming areas at Chatham Lake/Higganum Reservoir, public pool, tennis courts, bike paths, etc.)?
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What town services do you feel need to be expanded or curtailed?
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What should be done with Higganum Cove?
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What should be done with the Haddam Jail?
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Do you have any other suggestions for our town?
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