Application for Helper
This application is for the purpose of applying to be [Helper] on
Please note that you have must played at least 4 days of in game time and be age 16+ for recommendation.
All Applications will be considered and discussed among the staff team and a proper response will be delivered in due time.
What Role does a [Helper] Play on Nornia? What are the responsibilities?
Aside from having a shiny new name in game Your role and duties are as such.
1) You will aide and help other members if they have any questions and offer to help them with any issues.
2) You will have access to the Staff Chat on Discord as well as in game.
3) Outside of Staff Chat you will have no new Perms, you are a precursor to the [Mod] Role.
4) Continued support of the Staff Team and the users on the server will Eventually get you promoted to the [Mod] Role.
What is your Minecraft Username? *
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How long have you played on *
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How did you hear about and Vivecraft? *
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Why should we choose you for [Helper] ? *
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If we decide to choose you for [Helper], what days are you available and how many hours a week can you dedicate to the server? *
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Lastly, Is there anything you wish to say to the staff team as they review your application? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.
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