What do You Wish Designers would Change?
There is no shortage of articles and websites telling you the benefit of hiring residential designers (for interiors, kitchen & bath, renovation). What are your reasons preventing you from working with designers? What do you wish designers would change to improve their chances of working with you? Do you work with designers as an industry partner (consultants, vendor, manufacturer/fabricator, service provider, or sales representative) or a contractor/installer? What would you like designers to work differently? If you are a designer, what problems have you witnessed or experience? What suggestions do you have to make our profession better?
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What skills/characteristics/qualifications do you look for in a Designer?
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Your input is greatly appreciated. I will analyze all answers and publish a blog article on http://MichelleChiang-design.com. Questions? Comments? Contact Michelle Chiang at michelle_chiang@pacbell.net.
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