Beauty and the Beast Jr. Enrollment
If you have multiple children, please complete one form per child! Your enrollment will be official once you return to the webpage you were on and have scrolled to the bottom of it to submit tuition or by clicking here:
Tuition is $260 for 9-15 year olds and $160 for 5-8 year olds. This includes all instruction and materials! T-shirts are a separate cost.
Welcome! We are so excited you want to be a part of Beauty and the Beast Jr.! Rehearsals begin Monday August 12! Here is the specific schedule for THAT DAY so we can fit in a parent meeting: 4:30-5pm 6-9 year old rehearsal 5-6pm ALL PARENT INFORMATIONAL MEETING 6-7PM 10-15 year old rehearsal All activities take place downtown at the FlyLoft located at 117 N. Boston Ave, unless otherwise indicated.
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Please list the relevant experience your child has had in singing, dancing and acting. Experience is not required, it simply helps us get to know your child better and how to serve their needs best :) If your child has a voice teacher, please list them here as well. *
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What are you hoping to receive from this program that you haven't received from previous programs? *
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Do you have any skills relevant to the running of a musical theatre organization or musical you think we should know about and would be willing to donate if needed? *
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I understand I must fill out this form to be officially registered for Beauty and the Beast Jr. *
I understand that if I know I cannot participate in either of the shows on December 14 and December 16 that I cannot enroll. *
T-shirts will be purchased very quickly in the semester and an announcement will go out about when to send the money with your child. They are $15 each. My child's t-shirt size is: *
I would like to purchase a t-shirt for myself at $15 each.
I understand my tuition must be paid by August 12 in order to participate in the production and attend the parent meeting on August 12 *
I understand TYC's curriculum, facility rental and materials are all created based on the first day's enrollment and that I am expected to complete the production for the success of my child's classmates. If I cannot complete my commitment I will not be refunded tuition for the production. *
I understand as with most group-oriented programs, TYC also does their communications via private facebook group. I have a facebook and if I don't, am willing to get one for the purposes of TYC Communication. *
Please list any rehearsal dates you will have to miss.
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