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Thank you for your interest in participating in our new Regenerative Land Management Training Program!

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Earth Activist Training has a commitment to increasing diversity in the regenerative movement, and furthering access to land for communities who have previously been excluded. We are also committed to sharing tools and skills of regeneration with communities on the front lines of environmental and justice struggles. How would your participation further those goals?
Please give us contact information for someone who can tell us more about your experience and permaculture skills.
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All information will be kept confidential. Please email us at if you have any questions.
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Rideshare Program
Our rideshare program allows our registrants to connect with each other to give and receive rides. Details will be provided by those who offer or request rides in the section below. Ride coordination is organized within the two weeks leading up to the course.
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To help us facilitate transportation to and from the course, please let us know how you will be getting here:
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If you are flying in and need to arrange transportation from the airport, please indicate that here as well as your flight, train, or bus arrival information. Often we can arrange rides from near Oakland or San Francisco airports, but if that is not possible we will arrange a pickup from the Santa Rosa transit hub which is served by Airport Express (
Food Information
EAT bases its food budget based on your answer to the following, and we shop for specific amounts of meat, vegetarian and vegan options based upon the information that students provide us. We can easily accommodate common food allergens, please indicate below, but please note that we cannot accommodate for folks with very specific dietary requests, such as raw and live foods. We also cannot change our food order after it has been placed. So while the food is delicious and enticing, please do not change your mind on the options below after the course has started, and please choose an option now. If you have any questions about your specific food needs, please contact us at and we can create a solution together.
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If you have a severe, life-threatening food allergy (such as peanuts), be sure we know! Please indicate any needs or food allergies here. If you answered "Other" above, please explain here:
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