Question a Day
In order to build a Learning Partnership with a student who challenges me, I need to lean in to the student. By building rapport, relationship, understanding and empathy for the student, my actions change unconsciously.

Think about a time you were really hard on someone, only to find out later that their parent had just passed, or their house had burned, or something devastating had happened. Did you have that feeling after of, "Wow, I wish I hadn't been so hard on them?"

By asking a question a day, you are committing to simply learning about the student. Be open to their answers. Some days are silly, some days are serious, some days are hard. Some days the student won't answer, some days they'll take too much of your time. Be open to outcome. Let the magic happen! These are the teachable moments for US!

The questions will be emailed to you daily. It is up to YOU to remember to ask the question. You may even choose to journal the student's responses. Feel free to email me feedback along the way.

And most importantly, thank you for committing your time to changing this student's experience in school. You are choosing to take a step towards building empathy and resilience for this child. Filling out this form is a first step in becoming an equity warrior. Go YOU!
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