Women and public space
Understanding characteristics of a public space and how it may affect its usage by women
Local name for the public space and the neighbourhood in which it is located ( For e.g., Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai; Sarojini Nagar, Delhi) *
Location of the public space
When are women seen more frequently in the space?
Does the space feel safe in the evening/night? If not, why?
Is it visible from the street?
What obstructs the view of the public space from the street?
Are there public toilets for women in the area? If yes, then is it at a walkable distance?
Is the space well lit during the evening/night? *
What kind of buildings are around the space?
What other factors can affect a woman's sense of safety in public spaces?
If you have photographs which capture this public space, you can share them with us by uploading them on the link given below: https://forms.gle/TGAg48dJ2qokEEMf8
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