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We're soon going to be making some changes to the OpenActive website in order to make it more useful. As part of that we want to listen to any feedback that people want to share with us, so that we know we're meeting your needs. We've written more about this in a blog post here:

Regardless of whether you're already familiar with OpenActive or not, it would be really helpful if you could visit and answer the following questions. We've deliberately left this very open, and all questions are optional. There are no right or wrong answers, and don't worry about hurting our feelings - please be honest!

If you'd like to have a more detailed chat, you can get in touch using

Thank you,

The OpenActive team

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A bit of background - who are you and what's your interest in OpenActive?
Please note that you don't have to provide specific details of your identity, but it would help us to understand a bit about your situation.
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What do you feel that the main purpose of an OpenActive website should be?
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How do you see yourself using the website?
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What have you tried to do on the website and have found easy?
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What have you tried to do on the website and have found difficult or impossible?
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What do you think we should be doing differently?
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Any other thoughts?
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