.EscalateD. Blogger Application
Thank you for your interest in blogging for .EscalateD. Please take your time and read the following Rules carefully before you apply!
Please read me first!
I wont have a ton of rules nor unattainable requirements, because I still think SL should be fun - but the few points that I put into consideration when choosing a blogger are the most important things to me. I am looking for bloggers that truly like my work and care about the quality of the posts they make and not for those who just blog from obligation. I dont look for People who just want to get stuff for free. I personally think its a matter of respect to follow these conditions because I put all my time and effort into .EscalateD. and since you will receive everything for free I feel I can expect to get those few points in return.

Im very understanding and easy going but I cant stay People who claim to be the busy-bee itself, picking all the stuff for free and get the heck out of there.

Rules for Bloggers
With that being said, please read, understand and consider my following rules BEFORE you fill out the application:

* All blog postings must be credited and needs to be clearly state which Hair from .EscalateD. you are wearing and info about if its a Gift or a Huntprize or an Event-exclusive - LM to Mainstore etc. (Those Infos would be included in the Notecards I'll add to the Bloggerpack)

* The posts must be of quality work. Not every Hair will fit, I'm aware of this of course, but if the Hair is unrigged Mesh, which will ALWAYS include a script that allows you to resize or stretch the Hair along the Axis and/or position it via the arrows while in edit mode, there is a pretty good chance that you CAN make it fit perfectly, show your attention of details!

* If you can't blog for any reason, just let me know by filling out the Blogger Absence Form > https://goo.gl/gtErqf . If you don't and several releases have gone by without being blogged I will assume that you are no longer blogging for me and eject you from the List.

* Each time you blog for .EscalateD. you need to either tag me on Flickr / share your post on Facebook / and/or fill out the Blogger Report > https://goo.gl/yE3zWf - to show your activity - otherwise I wont notice your posts and I would feel bad if I eject you from the List for not blogging when you really were.

* There is no limit in how many posts you have to make, but if I note that I send out about 5 new releases and you havent blogged any of those, which I can see, because you have to Report your Posts back, then chances are good that you will be ejected from the List - you are supposed to blog for my store - not to just get free items.

* If there are no new releases (I do have a RL too and from time to time I wont be able to create new Styles for a Week or so) ask me for an older item, I love seeing older items being blogged. - Fill out the Product Request form > https://goo.gl/iNQuNq - Pls note that you are required to blog the item within one week when requesting a product!

* If you feel that my store is no longer fitting your style please just let me know and I will accept with no hard feelings and remove you so I can add someone who enjoys my products.

Thank you in advance to all that apply - if I feel you are the right fit for me and my Store I'll contact you via Notecard! Applications that are filled out incorrectly will be ignored.
Your Second Life Name?
NOT Display name!
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- Blog - If you do not have one put N/A
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- Flickr - If you do not have one put N/A
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- Facebook - If you do not have one put N/A
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Why do you want to Blog for .EscalateD.?
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What do you like the most about .EscalateD.?
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Would it be okay to show your Photos in Mainstore?
I now and then upload Pics to drag into the frame near the Desk as a thank you and to show your beautiful work to everyone else!
Have you ever blogged .EscalateD. before?
If yes - provide the Link!
I would loooove to see!
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Did you understand that you only get one warning when not following my rules and that I will eject you from the bloggerlist if you break the rules again?
Do you know how to make unrigged Mesh Hair fit your Avis beautiful Head?
Sad that I have to ask this, but I've seen a lot of really bad posts.
Did you read and understand all of my rules and fully agree with them?
Thank you for applying, Pls remember if you are accepted you will get a notecard, those not accepted will not receive anything. I really appreciate each and everyone of you but sadly I do not have enough capacity to accept you all. Do you understand this?
Anything else to add?
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