Blueprint Builder Application
Rules before submitting an application - Read this.
We need proof that you are capable of creating good looking builds before we can let you help in our project.

Make sure you include good images of your builds. Some tips and tricks to increase your chances of getting accepted:
- Build in 1.5:1 scale. This means 1 block is 1.5 meters, or 5 feet.
- Use the Blueprint Resource Pack - this shows us you're capable of working with it. Get it here:
- Don't use shaders. A good builder doesn't need fancy shadows to make their builds look good.
- Include detail - a plain skyscraper doesn't really prove anything about your ability.

If you get denied, don't take it personally - we try to set standards for projects.

What are your strengths and weaknesses at building? *
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What makes you choose our server, as opposed to other servers? *
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Your Minecraft Name / In Game Name *
This is so we can add your rank to the server.
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Give us your Discord tag here *
A Discord account is required to join the server, as it is the only way to participate in discussions about projects.
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Let us know where your builds are, so we can check them out and see if they meet our standards *
A link to your builds - not required if your application is in the plotworld.
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By ticking this box, I agree that I have read this application fully, have filled it out accurately, and have posted my builds as part of the application. *
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