COVID Apoyo Guatemala: Offers of support
If you are looking to provide support during the COVID-19 crisis as soon as our site is up you'll be able to take a look at our listings of 'Ways to help'.

In the meantime please fill in this form so that we can build our database of those offering support and we will contact you shortly.
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Would you like to offer support as an an individual, or as representing an organization, business, group or community? *
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Location (municipality and department of Guatemala. If you are not located in Guatemala there may be opportunities to support remotely!) *
Name of your organization/business/group/community (where applicable)
Please provide a description of the support you are able to provide, including all relevant details such as type of support, focus area, timing, location, etc. *
Please provide your public contact information for the listing here, including email, phone and/or social media handles. This information will be ONLY be published on the website if you consent in the next section. *
Do you consent to having the public contact information described above published on the website? NOTE: It is our preference that you consent in order to more easily facilitate your independent contact with potential matches for support, but we understand if you prefer not to do this in which case we can help to facilitate contact privately. *
If you have any additional comments or questions please let us know!
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