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Thank you for taking the time to apply for a DCBx position! We appreciate you and what you have to offer for this year's DCBx, home of the DC Bachata Congress, Global Impact Film Fest, and M3 Education Track, and DC Flavor Fest.

Who We Are: DCBx is a group of professionals who believe in sharing their love of Latin & Global culture with rhythm, respect and a whole lot of fun.
Our Mission: To Empower Lives by Celebrating the Global Latin Experience.
Our Promise: To passionately grow, support and enrich our community by creating events and opportunities for people to come celebrate diversity, Latin music, global culture and learning.

This year DCBx as a whole is looking for a select group of interns, team members, and volunteers. Opportunities vary in commitment level; however, we seek to procure a quality team that will elevate the DCBx overall experience.

This year we are offering THREE different ways to get involved in the all the action:

Pre-game "PG" Volunteers: Preparations before Main Event now until end of event
Game-time "GT" Volunteers: Volunteering during the Main Events four days
Post-Game "PG" Volunteers: Volunteering after the Main Event ends on Monday morning

Requirements for Game-Time Volunteers this year:
1. Applicant must be able to commit time to Volunteering to qualify of a Full Pass (as advertised on the DC Bachata official website) to the Event SIDE NOTE: There are also a HANDFUL of spots for Team Leaders who are interested in learning the business and contributing time to the structure of the event and move up with the Company.
2. Applicant will be asked to send in an agreement of commitment as well as a credit card on file to be charged if and only if Applicant does not complete volunteering as agreed upon.
3. Applicant will be asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before shift will start and cancellations/rescheduling should be kept at a minimum and with at least 48-hours notice to Thursday, the event start date.
4. Applicant for Game -Time positions will be placed where there is most need. Although we will try to keep you in the arena that best fits our needs, changes do arise and the Congress reserves the right to place volunteers where needed.

We are looking for self-motivated movers and shakers to be a part of the DCBX family.
Requirements: Attend brainstorming parties once or twice a week in the DMV area, to be on call during the congress (having a hotel room is vital), to lead a group of no more than 5-6 volunteers at a time, VIP seats, Special invite to Lee and Kats secret parties, an opportunity to take a position with the Company as we move into our Expansion Phase! =)
More info can be found here on perks and benefits: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-9uTBBp9b4Lqtd4fenrsMaxpcj3U1mmoVTqFFbHzTYM/edit?usp=sharing

GAME TIME: Game-TIME volunteers are required a minimum of 12 hours during the conference period. If you would like to be considered for a Game-Day position, please fill out the form and as game-time only and volunteer coordinator will connect with you in the near future.

Lastly, if you already have a pass, we do not offer refunds of passes. The opportunities will be to upgrade to VIP Table Seating, Master Classes, Specialty Classes, for Work/Volunteer Experience, or to volunteer to just simply help us out. Or fill out a form to just simply help out!

We look forward to working with you this year! Please fill out the form below for best scheduling!

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Volunteering Departments for 12 Hour Volunteers
A little glimpse into the Volunteering World. Here are the departments that we need filled. Since registration is staff only this year many volunteers will be the in other departments.


Volunteer includes helping DCBX organizers, Lee and Kat, as well as, DCBX team and Advisory board in the initial planning of the four tracks of the DCBX Brand. Must have a hotel or be staying close by to be on-call if trouble-shooting is needed in an area of expertise (which we will train you). See awesome perks above!


:::SETUP & TEAR DOWN::: Volunteer must be able to lift more than 25 lbs. This job is mainly on Wednesday/Thursday;
Monday- early morning shift right after the Sunday night party usually 12am start;

Assisting staff with quick needs, being a runner, contacting the correct personnel, greeting and helping with general task.
When: All hours. Thursday - 5pm open until Monday early morning.

:::IPad BORROW::: We need only a couple more IPad to facilitate our Registration Program and other promotional arenas. Turn in will be the beginning of the week of the Congress and pick up at registration on Sunday.

:::SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM::: Extroverts wanted for this job to take pictures and video to post on instagram, Facebook, etc. To greet and usher people to workshops, & entertain the crowds before we open show doors; promote hashtag usage.

:::VENDOR AREA::: Thursday/Friday job to help vendors and direct them where to setup and assist with questions. Directing them to registration to get their bands and so forth. Greeting and smiling and being there if there is a question.

::::PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO::: Assisting crew with equipment and anything related.

::::: FILM FESTIVAL ::::
Assisting Film Festival Director mainly on Saturday 10am-8pm with setup of boardrooms, directing traffic, information, and more. Helping with submissions and speakers.

:::: DJs & 1 Night Events::::
Assisting with other groups doing parties/events within in the Congress and helping DJs find their right ballroom to play in.

:::::VIP Ballroom Area Management ::::::
Helping in the main ballroom with seating charts, backstage access points, escorting of artists, helping stage manager, all communication back and forth with this.

::::: Talent Welcome ::::::::::
Greeting new talent as they come through the doors of the Hilton. Thursday and Friday ALL DAY in main lobby.

::::::::Stage Management::::::::
Helping Stage Director with Roll Call. Giving performers and dancers backstage passes for access to performance stage every night.

1st Choice Volunteer Area *
2nd Choice Volunteer Area *
3rd Choice Volunteer Area *
Please give us as many details as possible. Do not include special wants/needs in terms of workshops/activities you want to participate in. We only want to know when you will be unavailable because of a viable work situation.

We will send you a confirmation email with your volunteering times and dates.

Are you interested in a team leader position heading one of the above Departments? If so, please explain. *
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Wednesday: When will you be available to Volunteer?
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Thursday: When will you be available to Volunteer?
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Friday: When will you be available to Volunteer?
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Saturday: When will you be available to Volunteer?
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Please specify here if you have any special needs or wants when it comes to Scheduling your time.
Example: I can't possibly miss Lee and Kat's Workshop! ;)
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