Do you need to accurately and efficiently summarize big data?
Integrands is collecting feedback, concerning big data reduction APIs, from potential end users (academic, scientific, or corporate).

In your line of work, if you have a need to accurately and efficiently summarize big data, please complete this no-obligation survey to help us help you.

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What do you glean from your data?
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Can your data always be summarized?
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Is your data distributed across a network and must be coalesced for processing?
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Does your data processing involve proprietary algorithms?
Is there anything else that you would require from a big data reduction API?
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Big data API Survey
In various industries, unprecedented amounts of data are being generated from many sources (sensors, simulators, etc.). There is an imminent need to efficiently process, analyze, and summarize/reduce this data in a real-time, dynamic, or post process fashion.

Integrands is designing algorithmic APIs that provide critical data reduction, sharing, and management functionality. End users can integrate this API into their software to simplify their development.

Real-time message oriented middle-ware that simplifies the development of distributed software applications that need to share and manage data.

For developers of desktop, smartphone, and enterprise software.

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