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Intermediate/Advanced Dancers
We want to provide the opportunity for our intermediate/advanced dancers to experience competition from the judging and management perspective. We would like qualified dancers to be judges at our event, and we would like all of you to help out in the running of the competition (being deck captains, MC, scrutineer, invigilators, etc, as well as keeping an eye on your rookie dancers).

JUDGING: In order to judge a style, you must have competed in that style at the Gold or Open levels AND you must have no plans to compete at the Silver level or below in that style during the 2017-18 competition season. We want our beginners to feel that the judges are (relatively) qualified.

Furthermore, we would like our judges to dress formally to create the atmosphere of a real competition for our competitors. No need to go black tie, but please look nice :)

We will keep your scoring anonymous. This will (hopefully) keep the scoring fair and keep any feelings from being hurt on the part of the students.

COMPETITION MANAGEMENT: Help us run the competition by filling roles such as MC, DJ, Runner, Deck Captain, and Scrutineer, etc. If you have a preference for a role, let me know below.
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Competitors should be first and second year dancers competing in Newcomer-Silver syllabus levels. Please list names of all your competitors in the box below with one couple per line in a [Leader's Name - Follower's Name] format.

Tom Sawyer - Becky Thatcher
Matthew Cuthbert - Marilla Cuthbert
Anne Shirley - Diana Barry
Mad Hatter - March Hare
Howl Pendragon - Sophie Hatter

Please also fill out a competitor registration form for each of your competing couples. Make sure the spelling of names matches in both forms.
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