Pulse Accelerator 2021 Application
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6) In what year did your business launch? If not applicable, please type NA and see questions 7 - 9. *
7) If you have not launched the business yet, when do you intend to?
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10) Who, from the business, is planning on participating in all of the sessions, and what is their title and/or role? *
11) Please outline your key management team. *
12) What year did you first start working on this idea/technology? *
13) Please briefly describe the technology and/or innovation. (250 words) *
14a) Applications of the technology: Please describe what public safety communication problem your technology solves. (250 words) *
14b) Applications of the technology: Please explain the application of the technology in the public safety market.
14c) Applications of the technology: What other markets does your company plan to pursue long-term? *
14d) Applications of the technology: Please explain the application of the technology in the other markets listed.
15) Where does your company fall on the TRL illustration below?
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16) Please explain why you want to participate in this program.
17) Please explain the top three issues your business is currently experiencing and would like assistance with.
18a) What sources of funding have you leveraged to grow your business? (Please include details in followup question 18b)
18b) For each source of funding marked in 18a, please include: 1) Funding Source, 2) Grant/Contract Level (Local, State, Federal, Commercial), and 3) Award Vehicle and Amount (i.e. Air Force Research Lab Phase 1 - $150k; City of Boulder Utilities - $50k)
18c) What sources of funding are you interested in pursuing going forward?
19) We would like to understand the Growth Goals for your business. Which statement most accurately conveys your thoughts in this area: *
20) Have you or your company participated in other accelerators? *
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