GDFRA Assessment / Mentoring request
Do you need to be assessed in order to formally receive a referee certification ?

Would you like to be assessed in order to receive a formal evaluation of where your referee perfomance is at ?

Would you like to help the less experienced members become better referees ? Do you think you have skills to offer in this area ? Are you the sort of person who enjoys helping others to excel ?

Do you know that you would definitely benefit from some help and tips from a more experienced referee ? Are there areas of your game where you know you need some help ?

Would you value someone experienced coming and checking out your refereeing and giving you a couple of practical tips on ways that you could improve ?

Are you feeling a little "lonely" with your refereeing ? Would you just like someone to come and basically remind you that you are part of a bigger team who are there to back you up ?

If the answer to ANY of the above is "YES !" , then this form is for you !!
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Years experience as a referee
Year joined GDFRA (eg 2008) *
Highest FFA Qualification held *
(eg Level 2 Theory, Old Level 1 Referee, Level 4 Junior)
Current FFA Level *
(eg Level 4 Junior, Level 3 Adult, Level 2 Senior, Level 1 Elite, retired)
What do you want to do ? *
If relevant, please explain in a few words why you want to get/give help in this way
Best times / ways to get in touch with you
Please list any other information that might help to organise your involvement.
(eg "I am available to be a Mentor two Saturdays morning each month." "If possible, please assess me before Sunday 14th May as I am attending a FNSW training course on that day and I need to be formally Level 3 approved to do that course"
Other ways to get in Touch
Warren Kinny
Assessment and Mentoring Coordinator
The Assessment & Mentoring "batphone" : 0403 684 020
My personal phone : 0425 331 544
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