Free After-school Reading Program Registration
Welcome to the After-School Reading Program at Grantsburg Public Library!

The library provides a relaxed, comfortable environment conducive to the development of reading skills, consequently, the enjoyment of reading. There are dedicated, local volunteers waiting to help students do their individual best.

We will be using "Read Naturally" Which includes stories, tapes, comprehension questions, and the student's personal graph chart. The program works like this"

1) COLD READ: The student and the volunteer review story #1 for unfamiliar words, the student has one minute to read the story to the volunteer who records the number of correctly read works on the student's personal graph chart.

2) The student listens to the story on the tape, three times.

3) HOT READ: The student again reads the story to the same volunteer who, again, records correctly read words after a one minute read.

4) The student and the volunteer review their progress on their graph chart.

5) The student answers the comprehension questions at the end of the story.

6) The process is repeated for story #2

The program is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays (per the school district calendar) and begins at the school day release to approximately 4:50 p.m. A free snack is offered to each student attending.

Parents are responsible for their's students transportation home. Bussing to the library is provided once the parent signs the attached BUSSING FORM found here.

* Please call the library when your child is unable to attend the After-School Reading Program. (715) 463-2244

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