Every parent, world over, looks for the best education loaded with practical skills for their children.This survey is meant to assess parents' opinions about supporting their children to learn about and be part of the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) revolution at a very early age in order to become innovators and creators of the future. Please fill the survey form and give us your views.
Kids in Science Technology Engineering and Math
Would you take your children for a computing or engineering class, for them to understand science technology engineering and math in a fun and better way, become creative, active and learn how to build robots?
Would you expose your children to materials that introduce them to and engage them in science technology, engineering and math?
Which form of learning would you like your child to have? Please select what is applicable to you.
Where would you prefer your child learn engineering or computing from? Please select what is applicable to you.
If a program for teaching and helping your child better understand science concepts and math concepts using engineering and technology existed. Would you opt for it?
How much would you pay per term for your child to be in such a program for one hour every week.
Your answer
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