TBAS Centre of Excellence Selection Trial 2018-19
This form is for NEW players or players in our COE prior to 2017 ONLY.
If you were in our COE Training Programme in 2018, you are required to fill up a different form at http://tinyurl.com/tbas19.

Please fill up all your particulars correctly. You should see an acknowledgement page after clicking SUBMIT. Otherwise, it means that your form was not sent out from your device.

If you have any queries, kindly email us at ContactUs@tchoukball.org.sg with your name, school and HP number for us to reply you.
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Trial Category *
Full Name of Player (Surname in CAPITAL only) *
Exactly as it appears on your NRIC e.g. TAN Ying Tay Alvin, Faizal Bin AHMAD
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Nationality *
Date of Birth (ddmmmyy) *
Use the EXACT format - 21Jun98
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Your NRIC number *
Your information will be kept confidential (e.g. S12345678G, T0987654B)
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Mobile Number (used for Whatsapp too) *
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If you do not have any, you will need to set up one
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Current School *
Fill in your current school ONLY, or put "NA" for not applicable
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Religion *
Please fill in so that we can be aware of any religious restriction if applicable
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Any Allegy / Medical Condition? *
If no, please state "No". If yes, please state fully the allergies / illness in the box below. Also the type of medication.
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Do you smoke? *
Honesty is an important value in our training programme. If you reply falsely, you may be blacklisted and dropped from the programme, regardless of your skill and it will also affect recommendation to potential schools. Please reply truthfully.
Do you have any Tattoo on your body? *
Please describe on which part. Visible tattoo will have to be covered up.
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Enter details of your Next-of-kin (Compulsory)
Person to contact in case of emergency.
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Relationship to Player *
Example: Father, Mother, etc.
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Mobile Number *
Phone Number of Next-of-Kin (Not Yours)
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Your Residential Address *
Block No, followed by Street Name, followed by Unit No, Lastly Postal Code (Blk123, AMK Ave 4, #01-123, S123456)
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I declare that the above information is accurate and I have been truthful in my submission. I understand that I may be dropped at any time if I have not disclosed fully. I also understand that I chose to attend any trials, it will be at my own risks and responsibility. *
Please clarify with the coach if you are unsure.
Recommended By:
If you received a Talent Card by any coach or adult, please write his/her name here. Otherwise you may leave it blank
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