FSCM Membership Application
Please complete application. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email that will include payment instructions.
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2. Is this a renewal or new application? *
3. Main Contact Name (This person will receive all notices and will represent the company at all meetings, etc. *
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4. Has your contact information changed in the last year? If you answer no, you may skip to question #10. If yes, please proceed. *
5. Main Contact Email
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8. What type of phone number is this?
9. Please list below any additional employees you wish to receive information, along with their contact information.
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Membership Fees - $500 for the first storefront, $150 for each additional storefront, with a maximum of $2500.
10. How many storefronts do you have? *
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11. Calculate your payment for Membership and enter total amount below. 1st store @ $500 + ____ stores at $150 each, or enter $2500 if applicable. *
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Political Action Committee (PAC) Contributions - Suggested contribution is $100 per storefront but any amount is helpful and accepted.
Payment must be either a separate check or a separate credit card payment.
12. Will you be contributing to the FSCM PAC? (Suggested contribution is $100 per store) Payment must be either a separate check or a separate credit card payment.
13. Calculate your payment for PAC Contribution and enter total amount below (if applicable). ____ stores @ $100 each
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14. How do you plan to submit payment? You will receive instructions in the confirmation email after submitting this form. *
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