Intervarsity Registration 2014

Intervarsity is a friendly annual competition between the Melbourne and Monash Universities' DanceSport clubs. Members from both clubs compete in the styles of Latin, Ballroom, Salsa, Swing, Bachata and Argentine Tango, and judges will choose the winners in each category. It is a great opportunity to perform what you've been working on in class and support your dance club.

Competition date: Friday 2nd May
Entry cut-off date: Tuesday 29th April
Venue: Dining Room, Campus Centre, Monash University Clayton
Time: 6pm doors open
6.30pm competition begins
Cost: $10 for competitors for unlimited entry into events
Any questions? E-mail or

RULES AND CONDITIONS - Breach of rules will result in disqualification
1. All competitors must be members of either MUDC or MDS.
2. If competitors have taken 5 or more classes at a particular level (even if classes were taken outside of university), they can enter at this level or one level higher, but not at a lower level.
3. If one member of the couple is at a higher level than the other, the couple must enter at whichever is the higher level.
4. Competitors currently taking lessons outside of university are expected to enter at one level higher than the level they are undertaking. Registered Dancesport competitors will be restricted to Above Gold events, provided they are no higher than Level C/Recreational.
5. Couples will have 1.5 minutes to perform their dance alongside other couples in that event in partnered events. In Jack & Jill events, competitors will swap partners on cue every 30 seconds.
6. No competition costumes are allowed. If you are uncertain, please come and discuss with your committee.
7. Couples must complete the entry form below by Tuesday 29th April.
8. Couples must be at the marshalling area two events prior to their dance in order for the competition to run without delays. A running order will be available on the night.
9. Entry is $10 per person and competitors may enter as many events as they wish.
10. Same sex couples are permitted provided one competitor is dancing a lead role and the other is dancing as a follow for the entire event. For couples where competitors are dancing a role that they do not normally dance/learn, the level at which they may enter will be determined by their club’s committee.
11. Competitors who have been paid for teaching a particular style will not be permitted to compete in that style unless permission is granted by their committee.
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