1. What are the European official languages?
2. What countries was the European Community instituted by initially?
3. What does the acronym CEE mean?
4. Is „United in diversity“ a slogan of the EU?
5. Does the EU flag have 12 stars?
6. Are there any lyrics to the EU anthem?
7. What is the European monetary system?
8. Why the European Union was created?
9. Which country is in negotiation since 2005, to enter in European Union, but today on 2018, still has not entered?
10. What is the highest mountain in Europe?
11. Between what cities, is the distance the most important?
12. What sea is between Italy and Croatia ?
13.What’s the name of the Spanish painter who painted “Las Meninas”?
14. Carlos I, to what dynasty did he belong?
15.Where did the first cave paintings or parietal art appear in Europe?
16- Léonard de Vinci is an artist :
17- Who wrote “ Snow White “ ?
18- Who is the knight hero who fights against windmills in the Spanish litterature?
19- Name three popular sportmenin the UE ?
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20- Who's the most famous actor in the UE?
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21- Who's the best singer in the UE?
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