Squad Leader Training Application
Cheesy name, but really just a new approach to making our student ministry stronger.
What is a Squad?
A squad will be a team of students from all the different grades in the youth group that squad leaders put together by drafting people to be on his or her squad when we have the squad member draft.
Why have squads?
There are many reasons why we want to have squads, but here are a few:

Develop students with leadership potential by getting them to be squad leaders.

Build stronger relationships between kids in our youth group by offering a group they can be a part of in addition to their LifeGroups.

Have a student who will check in with his or her squad members to see how they are doing and to reach out to them when they haven't been around in a while.

Help new 7th graders get plugged in to the student ministry (Similar to the Big Buddy approach we used to have and Squad Leaders would replace that.)

Give squad leaders cool t-shirts, responsibilities other students wouldn't get, and extra privileges that other students wouldn't get.

Possibly have "Squad Nights" at different times throughout the year to give students within each squad an opportunity to discuss different things, especially scripture.

What are some of the expectations for Squad Leaders?
Be actively involved in the student ministry going forward and not be sketch by showing up every once in a while.

Help students feel welcome at EBC as a part of your squad.

Set a good example inside and outside of church of what a Christ follower looks like. (You don't have to be perfect, but your reputation shouldn't be a sketchy one.)

Be willing to put some effort into getting to know some students that you don't know very well who might potentially be on your squad.

Attend 7up Night (our first event for new 7th graders) on August 2nd.

Be willing to work at your ability to talk scripture and spiritual things with the people in your squad. (Not gonna ask you to preach, but we may work towards you leading discussion questions similar to the way Student LifeGroup leaders do.)

Be willing to get some training from Jonathon. (More info on this below).

Get together a few times throughout the year for awesome Squad Leader only events.

Given the info above, would you be interested in possibly being a Squad Leader? (You don't have to decide about committing to do it until after you go through training.) *
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Squad Leader Training Dates and Times
Wednesday, June 6: 5:00 - 6:00pm

Wednesday, June 20: 5:00 - 6:00pm

Wednesday, July 18: 5:00 - 6:00pm

Wednesday, August 1: 5:00 - 6:00pm

Wednesday, August 8: 5:00-6:00pm (First day of school for Douglas County)

Do you think you could make most of the training dates listed above?
Info for Parent's
Feel free to share all the info above with your parent's. If you checked above that you are interested in being a Squad Leader, Jonathon will be sending additional information to your parent's so that they will be in the know.
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