Surge Encounter 2020 Leader Registration
Name of Event: Surge Encounter 2020
Dates of Event: Wednesday-Saturday, June 24-27, 2020
Location: Colorado Christian University
8787 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226
Website: (please refer to website for more information)

Leaders must have completed high school by the date of Surge Encounter and be at least 18 years old to be eligible to register and attend as a leader.

Cost: $240 (Includes lodging, meals, activities, and t-shirt)
$75 deposit due by Sunday, March 22nd. Additional $75 payment due by Sunday, April 19th. Final balance due by Sunday, May 17th.
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Listed below are some specified basic guidelines for NCC Chaperones. This is expected of every adult person attending any NCC sponsored activities as a Youth Leader Chaperone. This, again, is only a basic outline. Please remember that anywhere and everywhere we go, we represent Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church. We also represent our Pastors and the NCC Family. Common sense is always a good guide, but the following guidelines are in place to make sure that we are all in accordance with one another.

As a Burn Leader it is my responsibility to:

 Report any behavior that even raises the question of, “Should I let someone know?” This behavior must be communicated immediately to those in leadership positions (i.e. Youth Ministers).
 Make sure the young people show respect to all adults in authority at all times, whether they know them or not.
 Handle any and all loud noises and/or distractions on the bus, especially while driving, so the driver can hear properly.
 Make sure the young people stay seated while on the bus, especially while it is moving.
 Check for and to discard all trash as well as any messes left on the vans, or any other place in which our young people are guests.
 Have my cell phone with me, charged up and on during the entire trip. Communication between chaperones will be done via cell phones. The Youth Ministers will designate which cell phones will be used in case of any emergency.
 Attend to matters initiated by a young person immediately.
 Not allow young people to run or make loud noises in the restaurants or any other buildings that we are guests. They may not wrestle or move furniture in the places we are guests without permission.
 Stay with my assigned youth(s) at all times.
 Make sure all young people eat at all designated meal times and do not skip without permission. If there is a problem, I will report it immediately.
 Abide by the standards set by Burn Youth Ministers, i.e. males with males and females with females.
 Make sure the young people carry around their own belongings to and from the vans.
 Realize that I am called and anointed by God and relied on by our Pastors to make sure our young people enjoy a powerful, Godly experience in the safest environment possible.
 Make note of any and ALL incidents that happen so they can be recorded on our Incident Report Cards at the conclusion of the event. I must be sure to record all the facts and no innuendo. When in doubt, I will fill it out.

I have read and do understand and agree to all of the above
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