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This form is required for anyone who wants to work with BuildaBridge in any capacity.  All information is held confidential to BuildaBridge staff.
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Volunteers contribute their time in many ways including classroom teacher, assistant, administrative work, and board member.  Artists-on-Call prepare for local and international service projects.  Internships are unpaid and assist BuildaBridge with larger projects.  Training opportunities are available throughout the year.  Opportunities are available in Philadelphia and overseas.  Please check all that apply.  
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Because we work with children, this is a required question by the agencies we work with.  
If so, please explain.
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Please list who we should contact in case of an emergency.  Include the name of the person, your relationship, phone number, email and address.
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Please give your availability for serving with BuildaBridge.  Be specific!  Give time of year in months (i.e. beginning March 21 through June 25) and your daily times (i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30pm-8:00pm)
Professional Information
Please list the institution where you received your last certificate or degree. *
Please list two references, personal or professional (not relatives). *
Provide their phone number, email address, and their relationship to you.
What are your artistic disciplines and/or areas of interest? *
Briefly describe your training and/or background in the creative arts.  We are looking for both formal training but are also interested in your creative experience.  We are interested in trained artists, but also people who may engage the creative arts as an avocation or life interest.
Professional Licenses and Certifications
List the type or number of certification, the state in which it is valid (if applicable), date when received and date of expiration.
Please list any relevant training, education, volunteer or work experience.
What personal characteristics do you have that would make you a good candidate for service with BuildaBridge? *
Why do you want to serve populations in poverty?  And more specifically, why do you want to serve with BuildaBridge? *
How do you envision your role with BuildaBridge? *
Cross-Cultural Experience
Please describe your cross-cultural experience, including any languages studied or spoken and level.
Describe your computer, technical or data entry skills.
Additional Information
Please note, all volunteers working with children, Teaching Artists and Creative Arts Therapists working with BuildaBridge must have up to date clearances and background checks.
Criminal Background Check *
Indicate if you have completed a Background Check.  
If yes, please list the date of the Background Check.
Child Abuse Clearance *
Indicate whether you have child abuse clearance.  
If yes, indicate the date this clearance was received.
FBI Clearance *
Indicate whether you have FBI clearance.  
If yes, please indicate the date received.
First Aid Training with Red Cross
If completed, list the date received and expiration date.
Psychological First Aid
If completed, list the date of your training.
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If you are responding to specific position with BuildaBridge, please indicate here.
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Thank you for completing the BuildaBridge Volunteer & Staff Application form!  Your answers will remain confidential.  If you haven't already, please send your resume to info@buildabridge.org.
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