Ivy Tower LLC - Scheduling and Customization
This is the intake form to schedule, customize, and receive a guided, collaborative storytelling experience that we are bringing to the world. Please answer the questions below to help us deliver the best possible version of this experience to you. 


$79 per hour 

+$50 sound effects package
+$39 per hour for an additional storyteller to play NPCs and provide a more "produced" experience

We currently serve the Eugene and Springfield area, but we are able to provide our services anywhere in Oregon for an additional $2 per mile outside of the area to account for travel expenses and time. 

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How many participants would you like to include?

4-6 is ideal
What age group and will we be providing this experience for?  
Tell us the level of intensity you want us to deliver
What level of drama would you like to experience?  
How much of a challenge would you like?
How long would you like the story to be? *
Please give us an idea of where and when you would like the storytelling experience to take place

We will contact you to confirm prior to scheduling an agreed time

We only need a table or other communal seating space that will comfortably host the number of participants plus one storyteller. If you don't have a location you wish to provide, we have a location in South Eugene that we can use.
Are there any special needs or accommodations you would like us to try and make to ensure your experience is as enjoyable as possible?  
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