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Hello! We are currently sold out for all of our 2017 issues. We are now accepting wait list requests for the 2017 issues of Golden Gate Mothers Group Magazine. Please submit your wait list request below.

Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Advertisers will be notified roughly 1.5 months before the 1st day of the issue (i.e. February 15th for the April issue) if space becomes available due to cancellations of existing reservations.

Beginning in 2017, GGMG Magazine will be published every other month, with a total of 6 issues per year. You may advertise in a maximum of 4 issues per year.

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GGMG Magazine is published every other month, with a total of 6 issues per year. You may advertise in up to 2 issues per year.
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Reservations are made on a space-available basis. If any of the placements you request are not available you will automatically be added to our Wait List for those issues.
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For an additional fee, you may request ad placement in the inside front cover (full page or horizontal half page) or outside back cover (horizontal half page). Premium Placements are awarded on a space-available basis. In order to be considered for Premium Placement you must have chosen the half-page or full-page size in the previous question.
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If you requested Premium Placement in the previous question, please indicate the issues in which you would like Premium Placement.
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