What does Kennington want?

    An Introduction:

    Local residents may have seen or taken part in Vauxhall "Conversations", recently conducted with community interests by Vauxhall One about desirable improvements in Vauxhall. Some Oval residents have been consulted on a "Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme" (NEP) for parts of their area, conducted on behalf of Lambeth Council. Having a well thought out wish list for neighbourhood improvement will be important if, as planned for later this year, Lambeth introduce CLIPs or "Co-operative Local Investment Plans" (which will enable agreement on spending neighbourhood funding). Because it is hard to tell where Kennington, Oval and Vauxhall begin and end, there may well be just one CLIP for the three areas combined. The "neighbourhood funding" will, to start with, be 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) raised from new developments in each of the CLIP areas. But over time, the CLIPs' funding could be supplemented by the area's share of other capital grants with a local character. If Kennington is to benefit by this particular "localism", it needs to have a good idea of what improvements its residents wish to see. So the KA Planning Forum is running a survey for you to tell us your views, which we can feed into this process. So, what does Kennington need more of? What less? Eg does it need traffic calming and green roads, or an adult sports centre and livelier public realm? Or both? Flexible space for starter businesses? Affordable family homes? Tall residential blocks? The Kennington/Oval Gasholders will be a major development "opportunity" (as the developers put it) when they go, so what should we have in their place? Should part of the site be a "Gasholder Park", as KA has suggested? The survey is short (only 7 questions). You can be anonymous if you like, but it will help us to see how widespread suggestions are if you give us your home postcode as part of the survey.