MN Service - Transfer Character
What means Transfer Character service?
- This service allows you to move one character to another account. Will be moved absolutly everything from the character data. Things like : name, stats, skills, quickslots, titles, records, runes, alz, achievements and everything else, except your choice below about the inventory and the equipment!

- You must have at least 1 free slot in your account, so we can transfer the character there.
- The price of this service is 70 EUR, but it can vary depending what option will be selected below.
- The payment method is accepted with PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram or EasyPay.
Source User Details:
Account ID: *
Email Address: *
Sub-Password: *
Character Name: (Which character you want to transfer?) *
Source Discord Name: *
Destination User Details:
Account ID: (To which account you want to transfer the character?) *
Destination Discord Name: *
Do you want to change the current name? *
Do you want to transfer it with the equipment? *
Do you want to transfer it with the inventory? *
Who will pay for this procedure? *
To finish the procedure, both sides should have a mid-man, so contact both sides to Discord Name: DWBaHu0#9805 *
Time Period:
The process with the character transfer might take up to 24 hours.
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