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Welcome :D
This is the membership form to sign up for Headwater Collective Youth's new program: Create~ Transform! Culture<3
We have space for ~15 people in the main program, however, all applicants will become members of our Party Program (larger community events).

Please read through the project description and answer the small set of questions below in order to register for this program. Thanks for your interest and time.


This is a 4-month program created for youth (ages 15 – 19) inspired by their interests in creative self-expression, justice, and community engagement. Working together we will build a community of trust and respect to explore our stories, develop creative actions of hope, and transform our culture!

Ages 15 – 19
All genders, races, abilities, sexualities, religions, immigration status, languages, bodies welcome!

Date/Time: September 2016 – December 2016 (4 months)
Thursdays 3:30pm – 6:00pm, weekly

Cost: FREE, no $ needed

We have honorariums to support folks who might otherwise need to work, as well as bus tickets, and snacks + meals are provided at each gathering.
If there are other barriers, please contact us and we’ll do our best!

Location: Victoria High School.
Building, rooms and bathrooms are physically accessible and we will do all in our power to accommodate specific needs.
All activities are taking place on traditional Lekwungen Territory.

What to Expect: We are inviting 7 to 12 youth to join us in forming a creative community for the whole 4 months, once a week. The timeline of activities and skill sharing will look like this:

Month 1 (September): Learn and practice the basics to making a creative community.
Self-expression and empathy through story telling and active listening,
Co-create community goals, agreements, and share intentions,
Engaging activities to explore the issues that affect our lives,
Self care and community care practices,

Month 2 (October): Unveiling the design of our cultures—beauty, potential, limits, and barriers.
Critical thought, creative action, and deep reflection,
Spirals of oppression, privilege, and ally-ship,
Using our bodies for liberation, unleashing our creative power!
Tools for Change: Resources Created and Shared by Women and Trans People of Colour, Permaculture, Non Violent Communication, Creative Facilitation, and more!

Month 3 (November): Putting theory into action.
Social Entrepreneurship: Learn equitable and sustainable project/business planning,
Design your own creative project, with the support of our creative community, to transform culture!
Plan an event to showcase all of our projects and creations to the greater community,

Month 4 (December): Planting the seeds that will transform culture.
Carry out a larger public event to include our greater community in the change we’d like to see,
Celebrate all of our achievements and failures + lessons learned,
Deep reflection of the past 4 months together and make next steps for the future,
Make connections to other organizations in order to collaborate and increase already existing efforts,

Will You Join Us?
If you have experienced discrimination, witnessed environmental destruction, and want to contribute to ending the harm, we invite you to join us to form a creative community and create acts of hope to transform our culture<3

We’ve found that these skills have contributed to our relationships with others and ourselves, our mental health, our work place environment, and we believe that they will assist you in your life, too.

Bring your joy, your passions, your anger, and all the rest of you—we welcome all that you have to offer! All welcome and no “arts” or “creativity” experience necessary. Membership for this project will be ~15 youth.

Contact Paul and Iris at
on Facebook: Headwaters Collective Youth (

Thanks for reading! Now onto the questions...

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Thanks for taking the time to register for membership. We'll be in touch in the last week of September with whether you're in the main program (~15 people) or in the party program (larger community events).
- Iris and Paul
Headwaters Collective Youth

ps. We think you're awesome.

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