Dear Prospective Volunteer/Intern:

General Information

Thank you for our interest in volunteering or interning with Onelife Initiative for Human Development, there are occasionally some opportunities to support ongoing projects and other tasks. After filling out this application form, kindly wait for us to contact you once your application is processed. For urgent communication, please reach out to us using contact@onelifeinitiative.org and please answer the questions honestly.

Please note that filling this is not a guarantee that we have an opening for you. This will be dependent on on-going projects and also our need in relation to the skill set you bring to the table. Volunteering or interning is a win-win situation. If you live outside of Ibadan, the only option to volunteer with us will be when we have projects in your state and or if you can help drive some of our online contents to ensure wider reach.

For corps members interested in serving with us in Ibadan, kindly fill this and follow up with an email to us so we can jointly review with you your suitability for the role you hope to fill in the organisation.

Updated Information - June, 2018.

As at this moment, June 2018, we are only interested in having volunteers and interns that can fit into our media and communications department. If you are handy with video editing and also have skills around email marketing and social media design and strategy, or web administration, please go ahead and fill this form. We will contact you immediately.

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