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Would you like to bundle your herbs– when possible– to save on shipping or have them shipped "as they're ready"? e.g.( You've ordered a pound of dried Calendula and four pounds of fresh dandelion. We can ship the Calendula as early as June, but the dandelion won't be ready until late September. Do we send the Calendula in June or wait and send it with the Dande?) *
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Anise Hyssop
California Poppy
Culinary Basil
Culinary Sage
Echinacea Leaf
Echinacea Flower
Echinacea Leaf and Flower
Lemon Balm
Marshmallow Leaf
Oat Tops
Saint John's Wort Tops (Flower and some leaf)
Sweet Annie
Tulsi Basil
And how much of those would you like, friend? Please specify for each herb. Also, please specify variety where applicable (Tulsi and Yarrow).
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Would you like to preorder any of the following FRESH ONLY herbs?
And how much would you like, darling? Please specify for each herb you've selected.
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Any special concerns or requests you'd like us to honor? Poems that you'd like us to read to your herbs? Songs you want us to sing?
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Are you interested in visiting the farm, bartering time for additional $ off, and/or picking up your order on farm?
Any questions?
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We give a 5% additional discount to BIPOC folks. Let us know if this applies to you.
Do you understand that you must pay 1/2 of your payment due by March 1? *
Here in the northeast, we live in a wacky, and growing all the more wacky climate. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it just doesn't. There is always a possibility that crops will fail or that harvest will yield less than expected. I will gratefully accept a refund if this is the case with anything I have ordered. *
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