WUE Anthology Survey
(Please read and complete in entirety)

A resounding THANK YOU for your awesome presence, participation, growth and transformation during this 19 month journey. We have had the pleasure of being a witness as you have shown up, spoken up, turned up and LIVED UP to your commitment to mind, body and spirit transformation. You are absolutely amazing and the journey has just begun. This Anthology will be a collection of our authentic voices and experiences. The next step involves you sharing the story of your evolution in the WUE community. Please take a moment to complete the survey below.  We look forward to receiving the Juice. #WUEChile
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What was life like for you before you joined the WUE community? What is life like for you now that you are part of the WUE community?
Share a moment where a transformation took place as a result of your participation with a WUE session:
Based on your role in the WUE community (community member, admin, facilitator), how have you grown?
What practices from WUE have you incorporated into your life?
Share some of your favorite WUE activities (Meditation, Yoga, Psychodrama etc)
What about WUE keeps you motivated to wake up early in the morning and participate?
What goals are you working towards as a result of lessons on WUE?
Share a relationship that has changed due to your transformation and participation in the WUE community?
Share a time where you had an epiphany or aha moment that was unexpected or eye-opening?
Would you extend an invitation to participate with WUE? Why or why not?
What do you envision for WUE’s Future?
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