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Please fill out the form below to help us understand your needs and preferences. After you submit the form, follow the link to schedule a time for a phone consult. The CMP team will contact you by phone at your scheduled time to further discuss your needs. Please note that the call might be from an Unknown or Restricted number. If you choose to go through with this matching process, we ask that you have at least one session with your assigned therapist.

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Please help us understand what is affordable for you for weekly therapy. CMP is a sliding scale clinic, however it is not a low fee clinic. Each therapist at CMP sets their own sliding scale rates and we are able to offer therapy at a variety of prices. Our hope is to find the best fit for you, so getting an idea of what you can afford for therapy helps us be more efficient and selective in that process. What is the range you can afford for therapy on a weekly basis? *
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