Immigration Presentations
Are you confused about what the recent Executive Orders mean? Do you want to learn more about how you and your organization can support immigrant and refugee communities? Does your organization work with immigrant communities directly affected by recent policy changes?
Maybe we can help! Please complete this form if you would like a presentation on one of the immigration-related topics outlined below. We will do our best to match you with one of our staff members or partner organizations who can provide the type of presentation you need. Our speakers include immigration lawyers, organizers, advocates, and allies.

Please note that we will be unlikely to fill requests made less than 2 weeks before an event. We can only accommodate requests in Pennsylvania.

Presentation topics can include:
- Immigration 101: How does our immigration system work? Who can become a citizen?
- Updates on state and federal policies
- How to provide support for immigrant communities
- Know Your Rights/Deportation Defense (for affected community members)
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Audience: Please describe the audience whom the speaker will be addressing (age, country of origin, religion, etc.): Examples: Diverse congregation who want to learn more about immigration policies and how they can help support local immigrant communities. Senior group of mostly Korean-speaking elders (we will provide an interpreter). *
Presentation Goals: Examples: We want participants to learn about state and federal policies and how to advocate for changes. We want to educate our immigrant clients about their rights and how to interact with police. *
Language preference of attendees: Please indicate the language the speaker should use to successfully address your group. *
Interpretation: Will you provide interpretation if the speaker cannot speak the preferred language? *
Honorarium Available: We strongly encourage providing an honorarium for speakers to help cover the cost of staff time, transportation, presentation and materials. We suggest a minimum of $150. Universities and companies suggested minimum $300 *
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