The Daily Block: 1.11.2 Server Whitelist

The Daily Block is now accepting whitelist applications for our 1.11.2 Survival server. We're looking for cool players who can follow our rules ( and want to be part of a top notch community. If that sounds like you; fill out this form to get yourself whitelisted.

Responses to received applications will go out every 24 to 72 hours. Upon a successful application, we'll send you a confirmation email to the address you provide.

If you have friends who would like to play with you, they will also need to fill out this form and provide your username as a reference for us.

You will need to own a premium Minecraft account to play on our server.

- Please answer the following questions as you see fit.
- Avoid Yes/No answers, they _will_ hurt your chance of being accepted.
- An implied "No" to a question _will not_ hurt your chances of being accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: This form may not be as actively monitored as we would like; so if you haven't heard from us within 48 hours of your submission you can @ mention an Admin on our Discord server (in the #minecraft-chat channel) or you can email us via our website.

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Your Minecraft Username *
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Email Address *
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How old are you? *
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What Country are you from? *
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Do you intend join us on Discord? *
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What's the first thing you want to do when you join the Server? *
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How do you like to play Minecraft? *
Do you like PvE? Are you an adventurer, a builder, an explorer? A mix? Do you hoard things or just enjoy the scenery?
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Are you a returning player? *
How did you find us? *
We're interested to know where our players are coming from! If you found us via another website, Youtube or Reddit put it's name in here. If you were referred here by someone else put that in.
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Were you referred by another player?
If so, please provide their username.
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