Community Radio Exchange Survey
The NCRA has updated the Program Exchange and renamed it the Community Radio Exchange. We'd like to read any initial feedback on its usage to see if we can expand its services.
Station name
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Did you use the previous Program Exchange?
i.e. before it relaunched in January of 2016
How did you find the Program Exchange before?
We think we know but remind us
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Do you use the Community Radio Exchange?
If you answered no, why not?
For example, time, lack of content, new design, etc.
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What would make you more likely to use the CRX?
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Have you had any problems so far?
If yes, please specify.
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Would you like the Community Radio Exchange to include other types of audio submissions?
If yes, please check what you would be interested in receiving
The National Advertising Strategy is interested in using a separate system to upload, distribute, and track advertisements and PSAs. Do you think this is something that the CRX can handle?
How would you rate the Community Radio Exchange so far?
Are there any new features you would like to see?
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Any additional feedback on the Community Radio Exchange
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