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If you'd like to play piccolo in the large ensemble piece, this year we are asking for audition recordings from interested players. Please check the box below to indicate whether or not you'd like to receive more information about auditioning for the piccolo part.
If you own low flute(s), are you willing to loan it to other FluteFest participants for use in the large ensemble piece on the day of FluteFest? (For example, you own a C flute, an alto and a bass, and are willing to let someone borrow your bass flute)
If you don't own a low flute, are you willing to borrow and play someone else's for the large ensemble piece?
What's your preferred flute to perform on for the large ensemble piece? (Select all that apply. We'll try our best to honor your request.)
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Registration Fee
Registration fee: optional. Recommended amount is $17 - we did the math! $17 comes from our dream budget divided between the average number of 50 participants, minus what we've raised from fundraising this year. If you wish to donate, please submit your registration form first, and after that, select your preferred registration amount at the bottom of the registration page. If you'd like to donate, but don't want to pay online, you can send a check made out to FluteFest to: FluteFest, P.O. Box 282, East Berlin, CT 06023. Thanks!
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