April 13 Alameda Labor Council Labor Convergence on Climate - Registration
Please complete this form if you want to attend the ALC Labor Convergence on Climate, which will be on SATURDAY, APRIL 13th from 9am to 3pm at the Zero Net Energy Center at 14600 Catalina St. in San Leandro. There is no charge to attend but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Please complete this form to register. Those who register in advance will have preference in choice of workshops. Registration is also required to get the provided lunch.

**This Forum is for union members, ALC affiliates and allied labor, environmental justice and community organizations. It is not a public event. Attendance is limited.**

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PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO ANSWER THREE QUESTIONS. Your responses will help ALC develop the program for the day. (If you already completed this survey, there is no need to do it again.) The survey is HERE: http://bit.ly/ALCConvergenceSurvey
Have questions? Send email message to: organizer@alamedalabor.org or call 510-632-4242 Ext.108
To support and sponsor the Labor Convergence on Climate, call David Thoni at (925) 487-9977.
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