Community Disaster Relief Need Survey
Help us understand how COVID-19 has created operating or programming challenges for your organization. Your feedback may be used to create a hub of resources for the community and/or establish a fund for nonprofit disaster relief.
What type of service do you provide?
Are you seeing an increase in the need for your services?
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OPERATIONS: Are you experiencing or expect to experience operational challenges, such as loss of operating income, loss of staff, loss of donations or loss of products needed to provide your services to the community?
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Please explain how your organization is experiencing operational challenges.
PROGRAMMING: What programming challenges are you experiencing?
How would a disaster relief fund/grant be helpful to you at this time?
What resources, information or assistance do you feel should be made available to the community? How else could WCPP and other county organizations partner to assist the county's nonprofit sector, city/county agencies, and/or businesses?
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