Amigurumi Wait list
Wait list for Seifer to make Amigurumi patterns (Tentative Reopening January 1st)
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Hey there! If you're filling this out, this means that you heard that I (SeiferNoir of Seifer's Stitches) want to make crochet patterns where you pay for material costs and shipping and you get yourself a less costly amigurumi! These orders are non-refundable as it literally only covers the cost of materials and not my labor. This is not only to help me practice, but to create patterns that I can then sell, without the plush taking up too much space in my home/workshop. Please note that these do take time, so once I reach out about pattern spots being available, it'll take up to two months to get the pattern done. The wait list is here so as to not overwhelm myself or disappoint my lovely followers. Please click "I understand" if you've read the whole thing. ADDED NOTE: Please check out this link: to see which characters are taken. If an 'x' or an 'o' are next to the name, it cannot be ordered just for the material costs.
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How many spots would you be interested in at once? (There is a maximum of three at a time in order to make sure others are able to get in the queue as well)
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Which character(s) were you interested in?
How large are you wanting the finished plush to be?
Would there be any other fandoms you would suggest I open for future spots?
Are you a crochet artist, and if so, would you like the pattern to be emailed to you once completed?
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