Teen Volunteer Staff Application - Imaginorium Camp Half-Blood 2019
The Imaginorium Camp Half-Blood will take place April 15-19, 2019 in Warwick, RI. This is the application for teens aged 14-19 only. THIS IS NOT CAMPER REGISTRATION. We strive to give you jobs that align with your interests so be specific and give us any information you think will help. If you will be using these volunteer hours to fulfill school requirements, please make sure you bring the necessary paperwork with you to the Junior Counselor Orientation Meeting (TBA) before camp.

1. To be a Junior Counselor you must be a minimum of 14 years of age.
2. If you have been to an Imaginorium program, as student or staff it is preferred that you have a letter of recommendation from an Imaginorium staff member for your application to be considered.
3. If you are new to the Imaginorium, you must have a letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor (not a parent).
4. If you have other commitments that will prevent you from being at camp for the full schedule, whether it is for hours a day or missing whole days, please do not apply to be a Junior Counselor. This is a full-week commitment.
5. If you are new to the Imaginorium, you must get a youth background check before the program begins.
6. The Junior Counselor Orientation meeting is required. If you cannot attend this meeting, you cannot be a Junior Counselor.

1. Helping to create the Camp Half-blood environment for our campers
2. Basic cleaning (sweeping, emptying trash cans, light dish washing)
3. Being a role model for the younger children
4. Participating in and completing the Mythic Monster Hunt with your fellow teens and adult staff
5. Ignoring social media during camp hours
6. Helping with the younger children in all activities

Email address *
Muggle Name *
Your full, legal name
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Name you use (if different)
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Preferred pronouns? *
Mythical Name *
What do you want to be called at the Imaginorium Camp Half-blood? Since this is a new magical world from our Wizard Academy, our staff are welcome to create new magical characters or to keep character names that are similar to or the same as the ones you use at Wizard Academy, but it can be difficult for returning campers to remember if your magical name is too different. Junior Counselors usually have simple and easy nicknames. Examples are Weasel, Ginky, and BabyHorse. Try to think of a name that reflects your personality or the persona you will adopt for Camp Half-blood. DO NOT CHOOSE THE NAME OF A CHARACTER FROM THE BOOKS! If you do not choose a name, I will work with your parents to choose one for you. You have been warned.
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Will your character at Camp Half-blood be one of the following non-humans? Some costuming help might be provided, but on the most part you provide your own costume. No Gods, Goddesses, or monsters, please (though all of the staff will be enacting monsters in some way during the Mythic Monster Hunt... also, since Tyson is a good Cyclops, we're going with them as being either good guys or monsters). If you are unsure, you can check ones you are thinking about and/or write ideas in the comment section. This is also not required... you can be a demi-god/human. But it could be fun.
T-shirt size *
All volunteers will receive a free Imaginorium Camp Half-blood T-shirt, an essential part of the Camp Half-blood experience. These are standard adult sizes. If you need a different size (smaller or larger), please list under "other."
Extra T-shirt
Some families like to order an extra T-shirt, for younger siblings or parents or so the student can wear it more often without having to wash. Students and staff will only receive one free T-shirt, and we will be encouraging them to wear the shirts all week. Extra shirts are $10 each. Please list the size and quantity.
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Age *
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Grade *
School *
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Mailing Address *
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City, State *
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Zip Code *
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Phone Number *
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Returning? *
Have you attended an Imaginorium program as a student or staff member in the past? If yes, please list programs and dates.
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Why do you want to work on staff at the Imaginorium Camp Half-blood? *
Please do not just write "Because it sounds like fun."
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Education/Experience *
What relevant education/experience do you have? Have you worked with children before? In what circumstances?
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What is your knowledge/fan level of Percy Jackson? *
Interests *
Mark things you have enough interest in that you would be willing to help lead a group of kids in doing that sort of activity (with support and guidance).
Do you have any of the following skills?
Age Groups
Do you have a preference about which age group you work with? (All junior counselors will work with all age groups, but some may work with one more than others).
Do you identify as any of the following?
The Imaginorium does much work relating to sexual and gender identity (even if it's not a major focus in this particular program), so it is helpful for us to know how our staff members identify.
How did you hear about the Imaginorium Camp Half-blood? *
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Contact in case of emergency (name and phone #) *
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Food allergies or health concerns
Staff are expected to bring their own lunch, though we do have snacks available for students and staff. Do you have any food allergies or dietary concerns? Any other health concerns or limitations we should know about?
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Program Philosophy *
I understand that the Imaginorium accepts and teaches diversity of race, religion, class, sexual orientation and gender identity and will support these teachings. (initial please)
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Photo and Video Release *
You may use photos and video of me on the web and in print to promote the Imaginorium Educational Collective. (initial please)
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Agreement to Code of Ethics *
By typing my name as an electronic signature, I represent that I am this person applying to participate in the Imaginorium Educational Collective Programs. I agree to follow the safety policies of the Imaginorium. I will avoid ANY inappropriate, demeaning, derogatory, or disrespectful behavior. Each individual in the community is expected and encouraged to show respect for every other individual, their belongings, the physical space, and everything in it. I will take active precautions to prevent unsafe situations. Alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, weapons, violence, and sexual activity will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Leaders shall refrain from engaging in sexual, seductive, or erotic behavior with children, youth and adults in the community. Neither shall they sexually harass or engage in behavior with children, youth and adults which constitutes verbal, emotional, or physical abuse. Leaders need to be aware of the strong influence they have in the community. It is expected that their influence will be used positively. In case of violations, appropriate actions will be taken. As a youth in a leadership position, I will abide by this code of ethics.
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Parent E-mail *
We will confirm that your parent is aware of your intent to participate in the program. If you are not selected to be a junior counselor, you are encouraged to attend as a student (as we do have a class for high school students).
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Parental permission *
When your electronic application is received, a parental permission form will be emailed to you. This should be printed out and signed by your parents and then mailed to the address on the form along with your letter of recommendation to complete your application. Or you may submit these items via E-mail. By checking the box below you are indicating that you understand that you will print out the parental permission form and mail it in or have it signed, scanned and E-mailed, along with your letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor, or staff member to complete your application.
Request for recommendation
If you have volunteered or attended an Imaginorium program in the past, we recommend you get your letter of recommendation from an Imaginorium staff member. If you need contact information, please list the name of the staff member you wish to contact here and we will send you their E-mail address. If you are NEW, information on what you need in a letter of recommendation will be sent upon receipt of your electronic application.
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