Rosenberg ACS Adoption Application
Thank you for your interest in adopting!

Animals adopted from Rosenberg Animal Control & Shelter come spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped. Staff are happy to share all behavior, medical, and other notes about the particular animal you are interested in and will discuss them in their follow-up with you.

As an adopter candidate, you must agree to provide your hopeful new dog or cat with a safe, loving home. Staff will counsel each person who submits an application to ensure a perfect match before approval.

Adopting a shelter animal is a wonderful and rewarding experience, but it can also be time-consuming and hard work. Please allow our team to help you understand and seriously consider all of the aspects of adoption by calling us at 832-595-3490, visiting us at 1207 Blume Road, Rosenberg, TX, or emailing us at

**PLEASE NOTE: No holds are placed on shelter animals after an online application is submitted, as the application is just one step of the process. Adoptions will be finalized only after an in-person meet and greet is completed. In some cases, a foster trial may be required.**
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Do you agree to obey any and all animal regulations governing the area in which you live and to provide an adopted animal with food, water, shelter, protection, and other forms of responsible and compassionate care? *
(Please write initials.) I understand that by voluntarily signing this document, I am entering into a legal and binding contract with Rosenberg Animal Control & Shelter (RACS) and accepting full legal ownership of this animal. *
(Please write initials.) I acknowledge RACS does not guarantee the breed, age, health, temperament, or training of this animal. RACS strongly recommends that I schedule a health check-up with my personal vet after adoption, as RACS does not have the ability to make PROFESSIONAL health or behavior assessments. *
(Please write initials.) I understand that Rosenberg Animal Control & Shelter is not liable to me or any other party for any claims, legal actions, injuries, losses, damages, costs, expenses, liabilities, lawsuits or judgments whatsoever in connection with my adoption or ownership of this animal. *
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