BobcaThon Leadership Team Application
Join the Leadership Team of BobcaThon, as we plan Ohio University’s Dance Marathon on Campus! We will be working throughout the year to help benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio. Leadership Team members are expected to be able to manage and oversee a small group, facilitate discussions, suggest ideas relating to BobcaThon, hold others accountable, attend weekly meetings, communicate in a timely fashion, hold weekly office hours, and support BobcaThon events. Time commitment ranges from 10-35 hours a week. Leadership Team members are also required to maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average. Applications are due Friday, March 22nd at 5:00 pm. Applications can be completed online or you can email applications to or return them to Konneker Alumni Center. You will be contacted to set up an interview.
General Description of Leadership Team Positions
External Affairs
Director of Family Relations: Coordinate ambassador families for the Dance Marathon including lodging, meals, etc. Works to distribute ambassador family stories to participants throughout the year including fundraising events, dancer meetings and at the Dance Marathon.

Director of RMHC Activities: Corresponds with RMHC staff to organize tours, service projects, family ambassadors, etc. Coordinates opportunities for fundraisers interaction at RMHC.

Director of Digital Marketing: Maintain the BobcaThon webpage, in charge of photography throughout the year in addition to any videos or multimedia which might benefit the organization. Handles all campus outreach for BobcaThon including social media, press releases, and works closely with the Director of Branding & Marketing for fluidity of the BobcaThon brand.

Director of Branding & Marketing: Creates and designs BobcaThon’s branding materials including fliers, press releases, merchandise, banners, any/all promotional materials, while maintaining the brand standards for BobcaThon with the Director of Digital Marketing.

Co- Directors of Dance Marathon: Focuses solely on planning all aspects of the Dance Marathon including catering, event management, entertainment, and more.

Director of Special Events: Coordinates all entertainment for participants and families day of. Including, but not limited to, live performances, games, assisting with Color Wars, and other entertainment for participants. Also plans promotional events around campus leading up to the Dance Marathon.

Director of Fundraising Events: Plans large-scale fundraising events and sponsored fundraisers throughout the year, and assist organizations in planning their fundraisers. Works to build funding for the dance marathon.

Director of Finance: Manages FirstGiving online fundraising pages, manages Dance Marathon budget and helps each director create and maintain a budget for their initiatives. Responsible for applying for funding when applicable for large-scale fundraising events and the Dance Marathon.

Director of Sponsorship: Responsible for establishing partnership with local community sponsors to help provide monetary or in-kind donations to Dance Marathon, as well as other events throughout the year. Also responsible for sponsor recognition at the event and after the event.

Internal Affairs
Director of Recruitment and Engagement: Responsible for recruiting and maintaining all communication between the leadership team and all dancers to our Dance Marathon. This director will hold informational meetings, send out weekly update emails, make an effort to know the dancers personally, and spend time recruiting around campus. Applicants for this position should have a passion for the organization and be a confident public speakers
Director of Campus Outreach Focuses on utilizing the resources available to us on campus. This director will make connections with entities like university offices, student organizations, community members, and play a large role in fall recruitment with classroom presentations in an effort to grow the name of BobcaThon on campus and in the Athens community. They will be responsible for holding subcommittee meeting and training LT and committees on organization presentations as well as working closely with the Director of Recruitment and Engagement in recruiting participants.

Director of Greek Life: Responsible for all fundraisers, promotional efforts, and teams that relate to Greek organizations. Greek affiliation not required to apply. Applicants must maintain a relationship with OU’s Alpha Delta Pi partnership and be comfortable speaking at chapter meetings and proficient enough to reach out to all of the different chapters around campus

Directors of Morale: Provides direct communication between the Leadership Team and the Morale team as well as supervising, delegating, overseeing responsibilities of Morale Captains. They are responsible for having someone create the music and also delegating members of the team to choreograph the line dance. The Director manages keeps Dance Marathon members spirited throughout the year, manages fundraisers, recruitment events, and other initiatives throughout the year.

Director of Participant Fundraising: This director will be responsible for reaching out to dancers who are struggling to reach their goals and formulating action plans to help do so. Works with dancers to encourage them to set and reach high goals, provides fundraising tips and events for all participants, responsible for planning and executing monthly canning days for all participants, and oversees execution of all committee fundraisers. Applicants should demonstrate strong planning and communication skills.

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