Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid
Event Cost: $155
Contact us caninecoachinginfo@gmail.com if you have any questions!
For Cancellation and Policy information please visit http://www.caninecoaching.ca/policies.html
COVID-19 Protocols are in place for all Canine Coaching classes. Masks are mandatory in all classes as well as physical distancing. Further COVID-19 protocols can be found on our website at the above link.
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The client understands that dog training services and activities are not without risk to themselves, dogs, property or other people. The client expressly assumes the risk of any damage or injury incurred to any person, animal or property as a result of a dog training session conducted by or on behalf of Canine Coaching. The client agrees to absolve and hold harmless Canine Coaching, Samantha Freschette, and any other parties associated with any service provided. Canine Coaching is not responsible for any injury to or destruction of any person, animal or property at the time of service or in future.
You must attend the full course and pass a written exam to earn your certification. Cancellations with more than two weeks notice will receive a refund, credit or be rescheduled if possible. Any cancellations under this time frame are subject to a $30 administration fee. Cancellations with under 48 hrs notice will not be eligible for a refund.
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