Clintonville Go Public Teacher Grant Application
Greetings Whetstone Pathway teachers and staff! Clintonville Go Public is pleased to offer grants as an opportunity to provide support to our valued educators and to keep us informed of ongoing needs in our pathway schools. Please provide the information requested below.

Grant application deadline: October 31, 2019

Grant approvals by board vote: November board meeting

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Principal has been notified of this grant application. We have determined: 1. There is no funding available through the school itself or the District for this project. 2. The principal and the teacher have agreed on ownership of items purchased by the grant funding (in case of the teacher moving to another school building). 3. There is an entity to which CGP will be able to write a check. This entity could be the school’s PTA / PTO/PTSO, the principal’s fund, or another acceptable entity. This entity must be able to accept the funding and then distribute it / make purchases as described in the grant application. CGP cannot write the grant funding check to a private individual. *
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